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Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve  

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is 2,000 acres of a coastal state park located in the community of La Jolla, in San Diego, California, off North Torrey Pines Road. Although it is situated in San Diego city limits, it remains one of the wildest stretches of land (8 km²) on the Southern California coast. It is bordered immediately on the south by Torrey Pines Municipal Golf Course and on the north by the city of Del Mar. The reserve was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1977.

The reserve consists of a plateau with cliffs overlooking Torrey Pines State Beach and a lagoon vital to migrating seabirds. Many different kinds of wildlife and flora are found within the reserve, including bobcat, fox, skunk, raccoon, coyote, rabbit, cacti, coastal chaparral, and the rare Torrey pine. It is sometimes possible to see several whale species cliffs during their migration, including humpback whales and gray whales. The eight miles of trails within the park offer an attraction for hikers and beach-goers, and a small museum sits at the top of the hill. From the cliffs or many places along the beach, it is possible to see La Jolla to the south and Del Mar to the north. At the southern end of the beach is a large rock that projects into the ocean, Flat Rock. South of the stone is San Diego’s unofficial nude beach, Black’s Beach.


Torrey Pine 

The Pinus torreyana torreyana, also known as the Torrey pine, is the rarest pine in North America. The plant has vanished over time due to the drying over the last ten years and has an intricate root system that helps attach it to the overbearing bluffs. Torrey Pines is the sole location worldwide where this subspecies grows (including a small coastal strip immediately north of the Reserve in Del Mar. A closely related subspecies occurs on Santa Rosa Island.

While chiefly known as a habitat to this significant sign are scarce and endangered species, the Torrey Pine Reserve also is home to a wide variety of vegetation and wildlife. The Torrey Pines Reserve has a rather unusual climate due to the Santa Ana winds causing the vegetation to be drier. Plants such as Coastal sage scrub, Coastal Strand, and Saltmarsh also thrive at Torrey Pines. EZ San Diego Junk Removal

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